Monday, October 17, 2022

Musings on How Fed Interest Rates Feed Inflation and the Stock Market

By Rudy Barnes, Jr.

Have you noticed that bank stocks go up when the Federal Reserve increases interest rates?  That’s because the Fed is an extension of the banking industry, and the stock market is like a briar patch, with banks like Brer Rabbit.  While the stock market complains about Fed rate hikes, they allow banks to increase their profits on loans and credit cards.

The stock market is a measure of inflation.  Megacorporations on Wall Street produce most consumer goods in America and set their prices.  Most have remained profitable by raising prices to compensate for inflation and increased interest rates.  Fed rate increases have not slowed inflation and left consumers the victims of both inflation and increased interest rates.

The following commentaries dated from April 2019 remain applicable today.  They indicate a US economy plagued by crony capitalism, increasing disparities in wealth and a Federal Reserve that’s unable to control runaway inflation.  Unfortunately, elections next month offer little hope for progressive and fiscally responsible economic reform from either party.


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Today the Dow climbed 600 points as strong bank earnings helped fuel a relief rally. See

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