Saturday, February 29, 2020

If you live in South Carolina VOTE TODAY to promote a politics of reconciliation

   By Rudy Barnes, Jr.

All voters in South Carolina should vote in today’s Democratic primary, no matter what their party preference.  It’s an open primary. Republicans chose not to have a primary, but have announced Operation Chaos to urge Republicans to vote for Bernie Sanders in the open primary.  They believe that he is the weakest Democrat candidate against Trump.

Last night President Trump told a raucous rally in North Charleston that the coronavirus was a Democratic hoax to defeat him.  Trump asked the crowd, "Who would be easier to defeat in November, Bernie or Joe"?  He then answered, “I think Bernie would be easier to defeat.”

We live in a time of polarized politics.  A supporter of Bernie Sanders said in an interview that if Sanders is not the Democratic Party’s nominee, she will vote for Trump.  The radical right and radical left have much in common. They both promote a politics of polarization.      

Your vote today could be even more important than your vote in November.  The S.C. presidential primaries have a history of choosing presidential nominees.  Don’t pass up this opportunity to promote a politics of reconciliation at this critical stage of the election process. 
I’m an Independent--neither a Democrat nor a Republican.  I’ll be voting in today’s Democratic primary for a candidate who I think can win and promote a politics of reconciliation.  I hope you will do the same. Otherwise, you’ll be voting to re-elect Donald Trump.

Enough said.  Now, if you will excuse me, I’m on my way to cast my ballot.

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